Our approach

Bersay & Associés’ entire organization was designed to deliver optimal results to each of its clients.

In order to subject itself to the strictest standards and to a process of perpetual improvement, Bersay & Associés became the first Paris law firm to obtain ISO 9001 certification, in 1998.

Bersay & Associés quality-assurance processes are regularly enriched with the experience acquired in the course of handling various client matters.

In order to understand its clients and to be able to anticipate their needs, Bersay & Associés builds up a privileged relationship, founded upon mutual trust, with each of them.

Our organization is conceived in such a manner as to regularly improve and adapt the Firm’s operations and its work methods according to the specific needs of each of our clients.

The Firm can thus put together teams, under the supervision of experienced senior attorneys, that are selected to suit the specific needs of each of our clients.

The Firm also offers its clients regular updates on the evolution of their files, and the organization of work assignments by pairs allows for a superior response time.

The Firm is organized around six departments. However, this is a flexible arrangement that allows for an immediate mobilization of the resources required to handle any of our assignments.

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