Mergers and acquisitions
– Engineering takeovers and suitable legal structures;
– Carrying out preliminary legal audits;
– Obtaining required administrative authorizations, including those for direct foreign investments in France (Office of the Treasury), and those relating to the French and EU regulations governing mergers and integrations;
– Negotiating and drafting transactional documents;
– Merger transactions;
– Purchasing and managing companies in financial difficulty or in receivership.

Private equity and LBOs
Our firm enjoys an excellent reputation for its realization of high value-added deals. We have widely recognized expertise in the area of private equity investment (venture capital, late stage investing and LBOs) and in turnaround financing, both as advisors to the funds and to the managers.

Initial public offerings (for issuing companies or underwriters)
We have acted on behalf of our clients in connection with numerous initial public offerings, on several different stock exchanges.

Banking and finance
We act for several banks and financial companies, assisting them with respect to their day-to-day transactions and in their dealings with the financial and regulatory authorities.

Bersay & Associés also acts in connection with financing transactions, both on the side of borrowers and lenders.

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