Labour and employment Law

Bersay & Associés counsels clients in labour law, for both collective and individual matters, as well as in Social Security law and criminal matters in the employment context.

Collective matters
– Setting up of institutions for employee representation (organizing elections, election disputes, etc.);
– Industrial and labour relations law; negotiating with trade unions;
– Relations with work inspectors, government labour authorities and social security agencies;
– Restructuring and collective redundancies, both in an advisory capacity and in litigation;
– Ensuring the application of the 35-hour work week law in France;
– Setting up employee profit-sharing and incentive plans;
– Advice and litigation linked to strike settlement.

Individual matters
– Drafting employment contracts;
– Advice relating to the modification of employment contracts;
– Implementing procedures for individual dismissals;
– Negotiation and drafting of settlement agreements;
– Disputes concerning the interpretation, performance and/or breach of employment contracts.

Criminal labour law
– Unlawful lending of workforce, subcontracting;
– Concealed work;
– Interference with institutions of employee representation;
– Violations of legal working periods;
– Violations of safety and hygiene regulations;
– Work-related accidents;
– All other violations of work laws for which the company, its officers and/or its directors may be held criminally liable.

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