Information technology
– Software license agreements (integrated/ASP);
– IT services agreements (maintenance, hosting, integration);
– IT projects implementation, such as ERP systems;
– Outsourcing;
– Expertise to ensure compliance of computer services;
– Measures to fight software piracy, IT safety.

Internet, e-commerce and electronic communications
– General terms of use and general terms of sale for websites;
– Online advertisement;
– Websites creation and hosting, affiliation, partnership agreements;
– Websites audits;
– Registration, transfer and defense of domain names;
– Electronic marketplaces;
– Internet auctions;
– Electronic communications regulation.

Personal information
– Data privacy policy, binding corporate rules;
– Subcontracting and data transfer agreements;
– Relations with the CNIL French administrative authority on personal information and privacy issues (processing, transfer);
– Invasion of privacy, defamation.

Electronic communications
– Regulatory and competition issues;
– Attribution of scarce resources (frequencies and numbers);
– Market analysis and regulatory control;
– Authorizations and contracts for the establishment, construction and operation of infrastructure and networks and the location of installations;
– Service agreements and general terms and conditions;
– Agreements for access and interconnection rights;
– Dispute resolution before the regulatory authorities;
– Judicial and administrative litigation.

Intellectual property
– Protection and exploitation of copyrights and related rights;
– Distribution licenses (television, merchandising, video distribution, derivative rights);
– Copyright infringement litigation;
– Copyright assignment agreement.

Industrial property
– Audit of industrial property portfolios (trademarks, patents, designs and models);
– Registration, licensing and assignment of trademarks, patents and/or designs and models;
– Transfers of technology and/or know-how, privacy agreements;
– Litigation relating to trademarks, patents and/or designs and models;
– Unfair competition and parasitism, parasitism (defamation, violation of non-compete clauses, trade name and corporate name violation);
– Criminal litigation having to do with trademarks (customs seizures and temporary seizures, correctional measures);
– Contractual litigation.

– Production and coproduction of audiovisual (cinema, television) and multimedia (on-line and off-line video games, CD-ROMS, etc.);
– Television distribution licenses;
– Advertising (protection, exploitation) and marketing;
– Regulation of radio broadcasting and electronic communications (television for mobile phones and over the Internet, video on demand, etc);
– Freedom of the press (defamation, libel, both penal and civil matters).

Sports law
Bersay & Associés has assisted clients in conjunction with the organization and promotion of high profile sporting events and teams

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